Biker jewelry

Biker jewelry collection contains various jewelry pieces and that means that bikers have a broad range of views. A carved eagle, a dragon, a skull, a pirate's symbol as well as various crosses can be found among biker jewelry.

Biker jewelry differs from traditional jewelry but there are common features of course.

Bike riders like wearing rings and bracelets because they show off their hands. Some rings for bikers are accented with a gemstone. Topaz, citrine and amethyst are the only stones approved by the typical biker. Other gemstones are not used in biker jewelry. The most popular wrist jewelry for bikers includes chain link bracelets and "ball-in" accessories. They also often wear jewelry on the necks. And it will probably be a pendant and not a chain. Many pendants have cross shape and the variety of them is amazing. Twisted, stencil and basket-weave crosses as well as others are often seen on the necks of bikers. A spider web pendants and pirate pendants are also widespread.

It's not a secret that majority of bikers are the lovers of guitar music and hard rock. And many of them are musicians as well. They also like to wear earrings. Some wear wide earrings, some prefer small hoops but of course you can see other earring in their ears.

One more accessory popular with bikers is a keychain. They love their motorcycle and they love its key so they usually choose the best key chain for it. Dragon shapes, cross shapes ad skull shaped key chains are only few offered to bikers.

Biker culture is unique in some way and exciting. Bikers are people who love freedom, speed and risk passionately. And their jewelry reflects this fact.