Lucky beggars at sea

Ocean has always been an ultimate mystery for a man for its waters are one of initial substances on Earth and it's that ancient that no one can fully cognate it and reveal all secrets of that divine water body. Rage of wild storm, cyan bliss of calm waters, turquoise depths infested with unbelievable creatures, pearly tide, glaring sun shining through the azure tube of a wave - are all pictures of what seems to be our ancient place, the cradle of Mankind.

Nature of water is magnificent and wise but at the same time it's non-forgiving towards flippancy. Millions of men found their trades at sea. It feeds them but at the same time it can become fatal. Since ancient time peoples treated various customs and beliefs tied to ocean and sea. There believed to be patrons saint of mariners and travelers who take care of them through tempestuous times. Those like St. Christopher, a Christian martyr, who used to live in the III century AD. He wished badly to serve someone powerful and great as he was a giant of a man and wanted to be useful with all his strength. So, Christopher was looking for the greatest king ever and when he found one he noticed that the king himself worships devil and serves him. That way our hero became curious and went searching for the devil. On finding the devil he was surprised to found out that the fiend is afraid of Christ. That interested Christopher ever more for he realized that Christ was the greatest and divine indeed. So with the teachings and prophets of a hermit he became a true Christian and started serving people by a dangerous river by carrying them through its waters. Once he met a child who needed help in crossing the river. Christopher eagerly took him on his shoulders, for as you remember he was a man of incredible strength, and carried him through the full waters of the restless river. While being in the middle of the flow, our giant felt the water rising and the child getting heavier on his shoulders. Still, conquering himself he managed to get to the bank of the river and save the child, who appeared to be none other than Jesus Christ. Thus Christopher gained true faith and started turning people to Christianity. The Greek king didn't approve of that idea and did his best to prevent Christopher from spreading faith among people. The giant was decapitated and became a saint martyr.

This legend was described in multiple works by writers and artists of the middle aged and reached our times. St. Christopher became extremely popular and now symbolizes faith, safety and strong health. St. Christopher medals are worn by mariners to provide them good voyages, avoid the strike of a lightning and even protect them from toothache! Beside mariners St. Christopher crosses and medals are worn by fruit sellers, book binders and even bachelors.

st christopher medal

Still it's not patron saint alone who is considered to bring good luck on board. There exist plenty of superstitions, beliefs and symbolic items connected with marine life. For instance it is believed to be unlucky to kill a seagull because these birds bear souls of those lost at sea; it is unlucky to have flowers on board; women can make sea angry, still naked women calm it down. Funny but such beliefs are strong as shoulders of St. Christopher.

By and large it's all individual and each of us is free to choose his beliefs and symbols of luck. The point is to believe in what you do and wear. Then you find what's perfect for you. Set sail!

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