Great Gift Ideas for Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus (April 20- May 20) is the earth sign governed by the planet Venus. Their symbol is the bull. Taurus' life pursuit is emotional and financial security and their secret desire is to have a secure, wealthy and happy life and marriage.
Taurus sign differs greatly from other Zodiac signs. People born under the sign of Taurus manage to stay apart from the crowd having at the same time a well-earned reputation for being sociable. They let others as close as they want and not closer. If they don't want to listen to somebody, you may talk and they won't hear a word. The fears, desired and feelings of Taurus people are deeper than someone world guess and their spirit remains hidden behind everyday activities. Therefore they may be regarded as withdraw, snobby or sulky but it's not true, as a rule.
Most of people born under the sign of Taurus hate changes and like their creature comforts. They try to create tomorrow in advance and rarely leave it to fate. Taurus persons are extremely sensual beings in love. They deal well with physical, personal senses and receive special delight dealing with the pleasures they can touch, taste, smell and see. They love pets and nature.
If you are searching for the gift for a person born under the sign of Taurus, you should know that they like the finer things. Gourmet goodies, wine, tasty chocolates, silk pillows, elegant jewelry will make them happy. They are also fond of good food and a diner at their favorite restaurant with a family and old friends gathered together will please them.
Searching for the gift for Taurus-friend or Taurus-lover, you may consider flowers, jewelry such as cuff links, emerald stud, gold chain, signet ring, anklet or earrings, decorative mementos such as an artwork he/she admires, a framed mirror or photograph- all these gifts will show your commitment and love. Taurus persons are ambitious and organized and therefore they will enjoy blackberry, stylish computer bag, a notebook or desk accessories like stacking trays, mouse pad, pens, desk lamps, diaries as a wonderful gift.
Men and women born under the sign of Taurus like physical comfort and the gifts indulging this love might include fluffy bath robe, boots for cold winter nights, opaque stockings, sweater, etc. Tickets for the baseball or football, a weekend away walking in forest, a visit to karaoke are also great ideas for Taurus.
If you are searching for the gift for the Taurus child, consider play centre, a musical mobile, warm clothes for cold winter days for the very young. Older Taurus children enjoy team sports and balls, bats, sport equipment and clothing would be a good choice. New bedroom accessories, a badminton set, interactive computer games, table tennis and board games will make a child born under the sign of Taurus happy due to his/her love of possessions.