Great Gift Ideas for Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

Scorpio (October 23- November 21) is the water sign governed by the planet Pluto. Their symbol is the scorpion. Scorpio' life pursuit is to survive against all opposition and their secret desire is to triumph. Their lives are fate filled and they have dramatic and intense personal relationships. They are often wise beyond their years even in the childhood. Scorpios almost always know all the answers and there is one difficulty often met- to find what they need to develop their own happiness.
Power, desire and passion are always there in the life of people born under the sign of Scorpio. They have to choose between the love of power and the power of love. It's not easy for people around them to deal with extraordinary sensitivity and emotional depths. You can leave with a Scorpio partner for years but you still don't know him/her to the end. There is always some secret and mystery around the Scorpio persons. Dealing with them, you'd better do it on a psychic intuitive level. They often say "yes" when it really means "no" and wear a mask. But they are faithfully dedicated to the loved partners and family but if betrayed they won't forgive or forget. Being winners by nature, they can tend to get in their own way when they are negative about someone or something.
There are three levels of Scorpio's soul development. The first is the Scorpio- most drawn and least evolved towards using the powers the wrong way. The second is the Eagle- successful, entrepreneurial and highflying Scorpio who seems able to transform bad into good rising above adversity. And the highest expression is the Phoenix Resurrected- extremely powerful and detached Scorpios who are an inspiration to others due to their wisdom beyond their years.
Searching for the gift for the person born under the sign of Scorpio, consider the gifts that will help him/her relax. A resort with facilities for spa and sport is perfect because Scorpios like to be kept busy even at weekends. Incense sticks, bath oils, fluffy bath towels or robe, fragrant candles, yoga mat, a meditation CD or session of massage will make great presents as well as gym bag, new running shoes, swimsuit, gloves and a punching bag, sweat band, basketball/soccer ball/football suits.
If your loved one is born under this sign, here is a piece of advice for you. Scorpio needs to feel emotionally secure and possesses deep passions and their analytical mind may lead to jealousy. You can reassure your Scorpio person with a romantic candlelit dinner, matching topaz rings with your names inside, a book of poetry, a bouquet of dark red roses or a framed photo of you both.
Scorpio people often need to channel their abundant mental and physical energy into activities, interests and relationships. Choose the gift that compliments their passion. It may be books, interactive computer game, fish scales, compass, theater tickets and whatever.
Scorpio baby needs to be encouraged to interact and high chair with safety harness, soft floor rug, a baby sling, travel cot, soft toys, a rag doll, colorful activity centre, balls, a push along train will make nice presents. Grown Scorpio children will enjoy gifts to suit dance, team sports, horse riding, athletics, gymnastics and water sports. Pens, paints, crayons, diary will be great for children to make them less secretive.