Great Gift Ideas for Libra (September 23- October 22)

Libra (September 23- October 22) is the air sign governed by the planet Venus. Their symbol is the scales. Libra' life pursuit is to be consistent and their secret desire is to live an easy and uncomplicated life. Librans can switch off from the world and go on the deep levels of their inner world. After Librans establish a lifestyle somehow falling short of their childhood dreams, they manage to keep up image of being dedicated to a "close relationship" and conjure up a most independent life. Libra persons usually escape into obscure role playing and therefore they make very successful business people. They can be difficult to fathom when it comes to love and romance but in business they are creative and able to express even more diverse sides of their personalities. They possess charm providing them powerful friends and helping to win jobs. They always look for harmony and piece and sometimes are too kind and mild.
When Libra person meets the Prince/Princess of their life, you can find her/him living in distant beautiful and exotic place, designing ski gear or the beach, running a local restaurant or bar, sipping cocktails. Their life is the paradise for them from all its sides. But unfortunately it often happens that before they meet the partner of their dream, Librans experience dramas, false starts, disillusionment and broken hearts.
If you are searching for the gift for the person born under the sign of Libra, here is some advice. Librans require a congenial environment at home and at work. They crave harmony and balance in their lives and they will appreciate the gifts that reflect their good taste and dress up their workplace and home. A decorative calendar or a plain silver photo frame for the workplace, mirror, vase, floor cushions, tableware or throw for the sofa would be great presents. And the gift is better match the color scheme and style of your Libra.
Being diplomatic, laid back and charming people, Libra persons will be delighted by an invitation to lunch, coffee or dinner. Their sociable nature will be glad to receive board games, camera, mobile phone and accessories, card games and diary.
If your loved one is Libra, choose the gifts that will reinforce the confidence of your loved one in your affection. A sapphire ring, a jade figurine, perfume or satin nightwear would be great as well as romantic dinner with the table decorated with Libra's favorite flowers.
If you are searching for the gift for the Libra child, consider spinning top, chiming soft baby ball, cute eye catching outwear, soft washable rug for the floor and other things for this sociable and easy going nature who enjoys just sitting and interacting with friends and family being a baby.
For the growing Libran children pencils, poster paper, glass painting, crayons, things for cooking, sewing, dance, acting, jewelry making, ballet are perfect. To develop decision making choose such board games as chess, draughts or Monopoly.