Great Gift Ideas for Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

Capricorn (December 22- January 19) is the earth sign governed by the planet Saturn. Their symbol is the goat. Capricorn' life pursuit is to be proud of their achievements and their secret desire is to be admired by their friends and family and the world at large. There are two different types of Capricorns. The first is the mountain goat that always climbs higher and higher and never stops until it reaches the top. The second is the represented by the garden goat that has little adventurous spirit to remain within a small domain and refuses to budge unless it's pushed. The both types of Capricorn are persevering and patient. They know the longest journey commences with a single step and this step is the most difficult and they always reach their goals.
People born under the sign of Capricorn can become too one-sided and their true personal emotional fulfillment with the work and therefore they must try to balance work with play. If something comes to a grinding halt, the ambition to reach the ultimate of Capricorns keeps them moving onwards and upwards. Being cautious and conservative, Capricorns try new approaches on their road to success in love or business. They desire a relationship with someone who is able to give them the affection they need.
Capricorns are practical, ambitious and superb organizers. Many of them are workaholics but they have offbeat sense of humor erupting at the most unexpected moments. Money, success, love and authority are their motivating force in life. Cautious by nature, Capricorns have a loyal and sensitive heart with close people.
If you are searching for the gift for the person born under the sign of Capricorn, here are some pieces of advice. Capricorns are very protective of their loved ones, their sense of responsibility is well developed and they have a sober and practical attitude to life. The chosen gift should be something they really value. Practical presents with a stylish edge are perfect choice. A thick silver chain, a bottle of good whisky or wine, a black denim sweater, a plantar of winter pansies, a CD of music from favorite band or a weekend away from the city will make nice presents.
On one hand people born under the sign of Capricorn possess a fatalistic introspection sapping their positive energy and leaving them depressed. And on the other hand they are aspire and motivated to achieve success and radiate self-confidence. And one of the best gifts for Capricorn is to let him/her know he/she is highly loved and supported. A friendship ring or bracelet, an inscription on a bookmark, a heartfelt message on the card, invitation to dinner with friends, sharing photos will do nicely.
A Capricorn child does well with a structured routine and looks to the family for security. Children born under this sign are usually serious little souls and it will be good to bring out their sense of fun with squeaky toys, hand puppets, pop up books or jack-in-the box. Later they become aware of security that possessions and money bring. Purse, a decorative money box or bank account will make them happy. To develop the emotional side of Capricorn child's personality you can choose CD's, story books, iPod, art supplies, musical instruments, cuddly teddy, fashionable accessories, children jewelry or MP3.