Great Gift Ideas for Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Cancer (June 21- July 22) is the water sign governed by the Moon. Their symbol is the crab. Cancer' life pursuit is constant reassurance and intimacy and their secret desire is to feel safe spiritually, emotionally, financially and romantically.
Most Cancers are a bundle of contradictions- they are caring with lovers, friends and family and compassionate, yet they have ever-changing moods and can hurt with jealous remarks. They are insecure about how others see them on one hand and eccentric on the other. They can appear insensitive and hard on the outside but are sensitive, soft and loving deep in their soul.
Even when remain in one place, life of Cancers doesn't stand still. They feel one way one minute and different the next. And it adds them the charm.
Romance and love matter greatly to the Cancer and with their changeable natures they are mysterious, fascinating, extremely alluring and stimulating. Cancers are the most beguiling companions.
If you are searching for the gift for a person born under the sign of Cancer, consider beautiful stationary and cards, camera, scrap booking materials, decorative boxes for storage of mementos, photo frames and albums, corkboard for the kitchen wall. Cancers cherish mementos of friends and family and are often nostalgic. They also adore special pieces of jewelry containing a pearl or a moonstone, a necklace with medallion, a unique design ring. The most Cancers love to nurture friends and family with warm welcome and good food, so quality cooking utensils such as tableware for sharing food such as salad servers or bawls, skillet pan, pantry items such as good olive, wine, set of mustards, and linen for the table are good choice. Consider the gifts that help them find balance with carefree leisure activities- sports hear for tennis, swimming, running, bowls, golf, cycling and gym. Many Cancers are avid collectors and you can add something special to their collection or give boxes, stacking baskets or display cabinet for them.
If you are searching for the gift for the Cancer child, here is some advice. Children born under the sign of Cancer are intuitive, sensitive and moody. A baby monitor, a baby sling, digital thermometer would be nice gifts for the youngest. To develop the logical side of the child's brain, choose building blocks, jigsaw puzzle, chess, Chinese checkers or draughts.