Gift Ideas for Hair Dresser

If you are searching for the gift for hair dresser, here are some gift ideas for you.

  • Consider jewelry. It may be bracelet or necklace with tiny comb or miniature pair of scissors pendant. You may also choose the jewelry matching your hair dresser style. Sterling silver jewelry is usually the best choice as it suits almost any color and is available in multiple designs and shapes.
  • Some hair dressers have unique style and make body piercing. If your hair dresser has nose, ear or belly button piercing, consider beautiful and unique piercing jewelry.
  • If your hair dresser usually wears scrubs, a smock or apron at work, you may give her special work garment. It may be manufactured garment with unique application with a scissor theme on it ironed or sewed by you.
  • Consider multi-photo frame where your hairdresser will put the photos of the best works and display such frame for the customers.
  • Consider box of chocolates and cookies. Food gifts are perfect idea because people usually don't buy such presents themselves.
  • Hair dresser wine bottle holder would unusual gift.
  • T-shirt with hair dresser theme on it will do nicely as well as a mug with scissors on it.