Your skin tone and the choice of colors and jewelry

Your skin tone and complexion can be helpful in knowing what colors to wear to make you look stunning and fabulous. Build your wardrobe determining what colors look best on you. Nowadays there are so many hues and shades available and it's difficult to choose the best color for you.
Many people refer to themselves by color seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer. Suzanne Caygill and Carol Jackson are pioneers of color analysis in fashion industry. The widely-accepted resource guide for determining your season and which color to wear by your skin tone and complexion from the Jackson's book "Color Me Beautiful" appeared in 1980.

All people have either a cool or a warm skin tone according to color analysis. Cool skin tone has a pink undertone and tends towards black and ash blond or brown hair. Warm skin is characterized by peach or yellow undertones and tends towards golden brown or honey blond. The characteristics of both genres are also met and in that case you have much more choice of colors to wear for the best look.
Cool-skinned people are either winter or summer and warm skinned people are further broken down into autumn and spring. Autumns and springs look best in bright greens and pinks or colors for spring, in gold-toned colors; oranges, heady greens and deep yellows for autumns. Winters look best in icy colors and blue-toned pastels like powder pink, cool gray and navy.
Gold jewelry will make your skin look rich and warm if you have warm skin undertones.
Of course, color analysis is not 100 per cent right and there are exceptions to every rule. Choose the colors in your wardrobe which will make you comfortable and happy. If you coordinate your wardrobe with a color palette you will certainly have a wide choice to match each other in tone and make your fashion life more organized.
Don't be afraid to show your personal style and break the rules!