What are Rhinestones

What are rhinestones? They are sparkling, shimmering and dancing in the light bits of glass which resemble gold so much.

rhinestones bracelets
Rhinestones were rock crystals originally. They were plucked from the shores of the Rhine River in Australia. Later jewelers sought techniques or duplication the look of the original rhinestones and original rhinestones and nowadays they are made from acrylics, glass, gem quartz or paste.
A French jeweler George Frederic Stras invented the method of metal-coating the backs of clear crystals. It would force reflection from the backing out through the stone. This method was used to create rhinestones as we know them today. Rhinestones popularity soared when a century later Daniel Swarovski advanced the technique of cutting crystals to mimic the gemstones' facets. And today's rhinestones are inexpensive. They embellish competitive figure skating costumes, Vegas showgirl headdresses, wedding tiaras and costume jewelry pieces as well as many other things.
Crystal rhinestones are still manufactured in Austria and the Czech Republic. Many countries manufacture the rhinestones made from acrylic.
Rhinestones can easily scratch, so storing them you should never place them face-to-face. Apply Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol for cleaning of rhinestones. Avoid water and ahandle them carefully to avoid the damage.