A Tie Clip- The Perfect Gift Idea For Men

Why men wear tie clips? A tie clip is designed to keep men's ties neat and straight without damaging shirt fabric or the tie. And it isn't difficult to wear it. So, men who wear suits and classical shirts with ties enjoy having several tie clips.
Tie clips are often spring-loaded on the end which provides tension. And they slide horizontally across the tie for security. Tie-clips can be custom-designed to feature club's logotype or a company as well as to represent some other objects of interest. A tie clip can be decorated with precious stones or be plain in the front. Tie clips are intended to provide a line of interest and contrast and cover the buttons of the shirt. So, being decorative, tie clips serve an important function. A properly selected tie conveys the personality of its wearer and men who love wearing high quality ties usually choose silk ties. And such tie as well as any other can be blown out of place and be damaged. A tie clip will secure your tie through most situations if you place it two-third of the way down the front of the necktie.

gold tie clips
Don't confuse tie clips shouldn't be confused with other fasteners such as tie clip or tie pins. They may penetrate the fabric of the tie while tie clips slide through the tie and the shirt without penetration.
When you are donning a tie clip, you should focus on two things- the placement of the tie and the placement of the clip. And here are some instructions:

  • After you have put on a button-down dress shirt and had buttoned all the buttons, you should tie the necktie choosing appropriate length and tighten the tie.
  • The fabric of the tie should be placed directly over the row of buttons on the shirt and the tie tail should be firmly tucked into the back of the tie.
  • Push the back leg through the opening between two buttons on the shirt and the front leg over the top of the tie when you are sliding on the tie clip. The tie clip should make a horizontal, straight line across the tie.
  • Throughout the day you'd better check the tie clip periodically to make sure it is still holding the tie in the place and is straight.

Nowadays a decorative tie clip is a popular gift though not everybody will remember it searching for the gift. So, every man wearing ties and dress shirts will be happy to receive an elegant tie clip. Tie clips are often bundled with matching cufflink and there is a wide choice of sizes and styles.