Tahitian Pearl- Dark Beauty of Waters

Pearl jewelry has been popular for many years and nowadays jewelry accented with pearls is worn usually by women and girls of different ages and lifestyles. There are various types of pearls and here you'll find some information about the Tahitian pearls. It is a particular type of bead-nucleated black pearl produced by the black lip oyster found in the South Pacific waters particularly around the French Polynesian islands and Tahiti. The color of Tahitian pearl ranges from different shades of bronze, grey, green and black. The pearl receives its exotic beauty by these natural dark colors. Of course there are truly black pearls but they are extremely rare.

Tahitian pearl gets its dark color from the black segment naturally secreting by the black-lip oysters. Such mollusk may weigh about 10 pounds and ahs ornamental shell. Natural black pearls are extremely rare so that most Tahitian pearls are cultured. Cultured pearls available in the market are produced in pearl farms. The International Confederation of Jewelery, Silverware, Diamonds, Pearls and Stones defines natural pearls as those created without the intervention of humans.
The process of the formation of cultured and natural pearls is essentially the same. The oyster is irritated by the presence of a foreign particle such as a piece of rock or a grain of sand in its body and after that the pearl development begins. The oyster employs first line of defense- it lays down nacre thereby forming a pearl. The irritant is inserted into the mollusk be farmers in the case of cultured pearl while in natural pearl the irritant gets by accident. Nacre quantity influence pearl quality. The thicker the nacre is, the greater the pearl's value is. Color and luster are the characteristics of pearl which depend on the characteristics of the nacre. High pearl quality is characterized by a smooth surface.
Tahiti has no black pearl farms located on the island. Tahitian pearls are produced in the farms scattered throughout French Polynesia but the trading hub for the bulk of the industry is located in Tahiti.
Black pearl jewelry looks great with almost any elegant outfit and is the perfect choice as a gift.