Costume Fashion Jewelry 2012

Winter is the best time at amp up your wardrobe. And if you ask: What is costume fashion jewelry for 2012? Here is the answer: It includes knotted jewelry, metallic head bands and ultra feminine platform heels.

If you are thinking over the way to dress to a holiday winter party, a metallic hair band or a magnificent rhinestone will create a flirtatious and sexy look. And you'll complete it with some ornate chandelier earrings and retro inspired crystal ring.

Band fashion trends for winter include metal flower double-banded headband, france triple strand pearl headband, beaded crystal bow band and anthropologie coronet headband.

Hair bands can be worn with long cardigan and a tunic or with trousers, with skinny jeans, a military inspired cropped jacket and a fitted blouse.

Knotted jewelry is extremely sexy and bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings with a knotted design element are eye-catching and a chic way to add oomph to the outfit. Swarovski and crystal knot jewelry will add glamour to your style. If you choose knotted jewelry, avoid wearing numerous knotted pieces.

Sexy knotted jewelry fashion for winter include love knot wish necklace. Tiffany knots ring, double knot snake chain necklace, Celtic knot wish necklace and knotted chain bracelet in rhodium. Wear knotted jewelry with fitted sleeveless top, a brocade skirt, off the shoulder cashmere sweater, a pair of sleek leggings or a stunning print cocktail dress.

This winter every woman should have at least one pair of platform heels. It's incredible sexy way to complete an outfit. Choose platform heels with seductive and flirty design elements such as rhinestones, zippers and fabric embellishments. Leather and fabric blocked high heels, satin two-tone platform heels and zipper heels. Wear them with a long silk shirt, a pair of black leggings, embellished clutch purse and fitted tuxedo jacket. Add one or two unisex fashion elements into the mix to create sultry, sexy and appealing fashion statement.

Include in some hottest fashion trends to stand out from the crowd this winter!