Chains in Hip-Hop Culture

The jewelry industry is expanding all around the world and accessories have become an important part in everyone's life. Jewelry worn by women and men in different cultures may differ and some prefer one style while another is crazy about something else. Nowadays hip-hop culture which has gained much popularity has a great impact on the world and of course, the American way of life. Jewelry is has been slowly becoming a part of hip-hoppers' lives and has been adopted into their culture. The most common types of jewelry among hip-hoppers are golden chains. They identify the actual meaning of their beliefs and traditions and their entire culture.
Wearing golden chains, hip-hoppers express their feelings and show off their own personalities and styles. Gold jewelry has been a symbol of power and it was worn only by the finest people since old times. It is also believed that the influence of gold chains on hip-hop culture started from the hip-hop dance which is active and lively and shows off style and power. Wearing gold chains is the way for hip-hoppers to identify themselves among others. Heavy gold chains became a symbol of wealth and power and the word "bling" became a part of hip-hop culture.
There is a wide choice of chains for hip-hoppers. Hip hop link chains are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and such patterns which are used in Figaro and Bullet type link chains.
Of course wearing only the heaviest and the biggest chains, the desire for more flexibility and diversity appeared. The process of matching and mixing different styles, shapes and colors requires much creativity. To show off the personality and style of hip-hopper much customization is needed. And such personalization is achieved by adding different precious metals and stones which make the gold chains stronger and bolder. There is also a wide choice of shapes regarding hip-hop culture and one being very popular is a dollar sing. Mixing different gold colors and wearing different types of clasps are great tips to customize the golden chain.
Gold chains are symbols of abundance and energy and they are viewed as a tradition and a celebration of the hip-hop dance.
Of course, with the time hip-hoppers start wearing chains not only in gold. Blackout chains became trendy in 2009 and they are typically coated with a black rhodium coating and are made from brass or sterling silver. Platinum Rhodium plated chains made from brass with heavy coating of high-end rhodium for white gold finish are also popular among hip-hoppers. Those who want to achieve iced starry outlook wear sterling silver chains with cubic zirconia stones which sparkle like diamonds. Rosary beaded necklaces are also popular as well as platinum chains.