The Beauty of the World set in the Stone

Shopping for eye-catching and high quality gemstone jewelry? Sapphire jewelry is surely worth your attention. Sapphire is a magnificent gem prized for its translucent beauty. This precious stone is a form of corundum (a hard mineral of aluminum oxide). It is found buried in Asia, South America, Australia and Africa. The hard crystal clusters are laboriously mined and turned over to a cutter. Set in rings, earrings, pendants, charms and bracelets, sapphire looks gorgeous.

Sapphire is found not only in a deep blue color but in many shades of blue and other colors. Sapphires of yellow, pink, green, orange and purple colors are called fancy sapphires. Ruby is red sapphire. Star sapphire is the universal type of sapphire with appearance of a six point star. Such appearance is the result of tiny crystal inclusions. Star sapphire is so perfect due to its translucence and the shade, balance and symmetry of the star. Star sapphires are extremely rare and valuable.
Sapphire is the second stone in the hardness diamond and jewelry accented with sapphire is virtually indestructible and easy to wear. The optimum reflective potential is brought out through the cut by skilled cutters. They work meticulously giving sapphires their individual shapes.
In ancient times sapphire was used to assist in the ability to move objects with the mind and in clairvoyance as well as to enhance physic powers. Sapphire was believed to promote the ability to communicate through thought and telepathic powers.
Most people choose sapphire among engagement rings because this gemstone symbolizes permanence, trust, love and loyalty. Sapphire jewelry is perfect gift for people born in September as this precious stone is its birthstone. Sapphires are believed to relieve swelling, arthritis and painful conditions which affect muscles and joints. They are also said to ease abdominal discomfort and mental illnesses.
Sapphire is one of the most beautiful and durable precious stones in the world. And its beauty is indescribable. If you are searching for unforgettable gift- remember that sapphire jewelry will make any person happy!