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Tahitian Pearl- Dark Beauty of Waters

Pearl jewelry has been popular for many years and nowadays jewelry accented with pearls is worn usually by women and girls of different ages and lifestyles. There are various types of pearls and here you'll find some information about the Tahitian pearls. It is a particular type of bead-nucleated black pearl produced by the black lip oyster found in the South Pacific waters particularly around the French Polynesian islands and Tahiti. The color of Tahitian pearl ranges from different shades of bronze, grey, green and black. The pearl receives its exotic beauty by these natural dark colors.

What are Rhinestones

What are rhinestones? They are sparkling, shimmering and dancing in the light bits of glass which resemble gold so much.
Rhinestones were rock crystals originally. They were plucked from the shores of the Rhine River in Australia. Later jewelers sought techniques or duplication the look of the original rhinestones and original rhinestones and nowadays they are made from acrylics, glass, gem quartz or paste.
rhinestones bracelets

A Tie Clip- The Perfect Gift Idea For Men

Tie clips are often spring-loaded on the end which provides tension. And they slide horizontally across the tie for security. Tie-clips can be custom-designed to feature club's logotype or a company as well as to represent some other objects of interest. A tie clip can be decorated with precious stones or be plain in the front. Tie clips are intended to provide a line of interest and contrast and cover the buttons of the shirt. So, being decorative, tie clips serve an important function. A properly selected tie conveys the personality of its wearer and men who love wearing high quality ties usually choose silk ties. And such tie as well as any other can be blown out of place and be damaged. A tie clip will secure your tie through most situations if you place it two-third of the way down the front of the necktie.
gold tie clips

Shopping for Titanium Wedding Bands

If you are shopping for wedding bands and thinking about buying titanium piece of jewelry, you'll find here some useful information to make your choice.
If you are shopping for wedding bands and thinking about buying titanium piece of jewelry, you'll find here some useful information to make your choice.
Titanium is scratch resistant, light and very strong metal used in variety of applications.
titanium wedding bands

Men's Jewelry

Jewelry shouldn't be thought of as a thing for women. In ancient times they were men who wore earrings, rings and piercing jewelry for many purposes. And what is about modern men nowadays? Do men wear jewelry? Yes! Of course, not of them enjoy wearing jewelry except wedding ring (and some don't want to wear even this ring). But most men enjoy wearing or just think it is convenient and useful to wear such men designed jewelry as cuff links, rings and chains. Some also choose earring and bracelets.
Sterling silver cuff links

Sterling silver wedding bands

Buying Cheap Jewelry

If you are looking for nice jewelry gift for yourself, your friends or members of your family and want to spend little money on it, you'd better search on the Internet. It is filled with online jewelry stores offering good deals. All you need is your time and some luck, of course. Have you decided what type of jewelry you want to buy? If you are shopping not for yourself, consider the lifestyle and style of clothes of the person whom you are going to buy jewelry.

The Beauty of the World set in the Stone

Shopping for eye-catching and high quality gemstone jewelry? Sapphire jewelry is surely worth your attention. Sapphire is a magnificent gem prized for its translucent beauty. This precious stone is a form of corundum (a hard mineral of aluminum oxide). It is found buried in Asia, South America, Australia and Africa. The hard crystal clusters are laboriously mined and turned over to a cutter. Set in rings, earrings, pendants, charms and bracelets, sapphire looks gorgeous.

Your skin tone and the choice of colors and jewelry

Your skin tone and complexion can be helpful in knowing what colors to wear to make you look stunning and fabulous. Build your wardrobe determining what colors look best on you. Nowadays there are so many hues and shades available and it's difficult to choose the best color for you.
Many people refer to themselves by color seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer. Suzanne Caygill and Carol Jackson are pioneers of color analysis in fashion industry. The widely-accepted resource guide for determining your season and which color to wear by your skin tone and complexion from the Jackson's book "Color Me Beautiful" appeared in 1980.

Chains in Hip-Hop Culture

The jewelry industry is expanding all around the world and accessories have become an important part in everyone's life. Jewelry worn by women and men in different cultures may differ and some prefer one style while another is crazy about something else. Nowadays hip-hop culture which has gained much popularity has a great impact on the world and of course, the American way of life. Jewelry is has been slowly becoming a part of hip-hoppers' lives and has been adopted into their culture. The most common types of jewelry among hip-hoppers are golden chains. They identify the actual meaning of their beliefs and traditions and their entire culture.

Costume Fashion Jewelry 2012

Winter is the best time at amp up your wardrobe. And if you ask: What is costume fashion jewelry for 2012? Here is the answer: It includes knotted jewelry, metallic head bands and ultra feminine platform heels. If you are thinking over the way to dress to a holiday winter party, a metallic hair band or a magnificent rhinestone will create a flirtatious and sexy look. And you'll complete it with some ornate chandelier earrings and retro inspired crystal ring.

A Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is worn at cocktail parties and has a dramatic large size. It was extremely popular during US prohibition at illegal cocktail parties and cocktail rings flaunted the facts that people were drinking illegally and were doing it with style. In the 1940s and 1950s cocktail parties were still popular events and the popularity of cocktail rings grew. Nowadays cocktail parties are still popular and people wear cocktail rings not only to such parties but to award shows like Emmys or the Oscar, to Broadway theater productions and film premiers.
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